5 Benefits of Using Resistance Bands

Person using a resistance band
Resistance bands make a great addition to any pilates class and they have many benefits:
  1. The easily adjustable bands allow you to build strength progressively over time without the need for weights.
  2. Working with the resistance of the band helps to maintain muscle focus and keeps the stabilising muscles switched on for longer.
  3. Bands can actually develop better Pilates technique, as the resistance of the band can reduce momentum, allowing you to maintain better control.
  4. Bands can help us to increase flexibility through passive stretching and improve mobility by supporting and stabilising the joint through an increased range of motion.
  5. They are fun to use and provide a range of different exercises that are not available in our usual Pilates classes.

Why not come along to a class and give them a try? Choose from Pilates Sculpt and Sweat in Derby or Resistance Band Pilates in Burton.

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