Claire Clark - Yoga Teacher Trainee

Claire Clark - Yoga Teacher Trainee
"Well wow looking back at the past week I don't even know where to start. It has been such an intense and at times tiring but yet the most amazing, inspiring week for the start of my journey for my 200 hour Yoga teacher training. It really is hard to put into words how the first week has been as it really has changed the way i feel about yoga and also how i will practice yoga from now on!.
My days of the week suddenly found a new routine where I no longer was mummy doing school runs and going out to work but i had this opportunity and I became completely immersed into the yoga world and the people around me that i was sharing it with. The teaching of the daily morning practice and the pose analysis really has has completely changed the way I look at yoga, and I feel so inspired to start my personal practice!
I honestly didn't really ever think that deeply about the all the different areas of yoga but the teaching of them all this week especially the philosophy has made me so much more interested and excited for each day as the week went on.
At times the week has proved a real challenge.....personally just trying to understand the anatomy which was a tough day. I think more of a challenge has been balancing home life with my two boys especially when one of them was really poorly for a few days.
I felt guilty that i was doing this for me! But what was so comforting was the new friends i had made in the group, the teachers and everyone around me were so understanding and made me feel supported. It really did make me realise that even though I hadn't done the washing and wasn't around at home as much, everything was okay!
The house was still standing and most importantly for me, the boys were still happy, my boys loved hearing about 'yoga school' when I got home! I guess amongst all the chaos at home it was amazing to still find that feeling of being at peace with the day when learning of the YTT at Calm.
I am totally ready for this journey now and I think I really needed this intensive week to completely lose myself in everything about yoga to get me ready.
I am already looking forward to the next weekend to learn even more, meet with the group and see where the beginning of this journey takes me over the next month!"
- Claire Clark, 200hr YTT

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