Did you know yoga is great for runners?

Did you know yoga is great for runners?

Yoga is great to incorporate in your training program as a runner.

A more dynamic class or hot yoga can help improve your fitness which you will notice when you make those running gains.

Standing postures and balances help to increase strength in the lower body which in turn can help prevent injury’s and improve your run.

There are many ‘hippy’ poses in yoga which stretch out every part of the hip, an are of the body that tends to get very tight with regular running.

The ‘stretchy’ element of yoga can also relieve tight muscles and help to prevent injury.

Breathing is a big focus on yoga classes and if you can focus on your breath on yoga postures you will dine be able to regulate your breathing on a run and also stay more focussed.

Need to get up early to get those extra miles in in the am? You may be surprised to know that a more gentle yoga class calms your nervous system and helps you to sleep at night.

There are many more benefits including core strength, stretched hamstrings and reduced lower back pain but why not just try for yourself and come to a class! Then you really will notice a difference.

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