Happy Birthday! Yipeee!

Happy Birthday! Yipeee!

Happy Birthday Calm Yoga! To celebrate turning 1-years old, we want to give back to our community!

We are excited to announce that every month on a Tuesday at 4.30pm-5.15pm we will be hosting a free 45 min community class!

Calm Yoga has experienced great success over the last year, so much so that we now have over 3,200 clients and we hold 55+ classes a week.

Beginners have no fear! The class will be gentle and suitable for all abilities, leaving you feeling revived and relaxed.

There are many important health benefits to yoga to consider …

  • Yoga is very effective for relieving stress, which is invaluable as it can noticeably improve your quality of sleep and overall well-being!
  • Mindfulness that we achieve through yoga, as well as relieving anxiety can aid in the development of healthy eating habits
  • Yoga is exceptionally good for improving flexibility and balance, building muscle strength and improving posture
  • In yoga our Ujjayi breathing helps to strengthen our cardiovascular system and the increase in blood flow when practicing yoga helps to improve the health of your heart

Even though the class is free please be sure to book your place online or on the app so we can reserve your space for the class.

Booking online is quick and easy. On the website click on the menu, and then select ‘timetable’, select the relevant date, choose your class and click ‘book’, then log in and proceed to payment. You can do this both online or via the app.

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