Myths everyone gets wrong about yoga

Myths everyone gets wrong about yoga

Yoga is a great form of exercise, but it’s often misunderstood and many people will avoid it and say ‘It’s not for them’, without really knowing the full benefits. Understanding the power that yoga can have to transform your body and even your mind is hugely advantageous. There are many myths and misconceptions about yoga and yoga classes, so here we dispel the rumours and let you know what it’s really like to attend yoga or even pilates!

Myth: You have to be flexible Many people think they will struggle to take part in yoga because their legs won’t bend properly or they won’t be able to adopt one of the many positions required. Everyone was a beginner at some point! Taking yoga or pilates classes will help you to become flexible in the long run, which can be helpful in other types of exercise. By taking up yoga, you will increase your strength, balance and flexibility, so it doesn’t matter if you aren’t flexible at first.

Myth: Yoga isn’t an exercise Yoga is shunned by many in favour of cardio or weight lifting, as they think a yoga class isn’t strenuous enough to reach their goals. This isn’t true! Yoga and pilates increase your strength and builds muscle evenly across your body. To help you switch it up, try different types of yoga; hot yoga is hugely popular as it provides a number of different benefits.

Myth: You can’t do yoga if you’re injured Bending and twisting in different positions might put you off if you’re suffering from any pain or an injury. As long as you let your yoga teacher know about your condition, they can help you modify any positions to suit you better. What’s more, yoga can actually help you with pain relief and can be a productive part of the healing process.

Myth: Yoga is for youngsters Yoga classes are places of non-judgement, and contrary to popular opinion, they are not for young 20-something-year-olds! People of any age can accomplish even the trickiest of yoga positions. If you do have any physical limitations, just start out carefully and gently until you feel confident.

Whether you are 23 or 73, entering a yoga studio to take a class can make you feel great both inside and out!

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