Reasons men should do yoga every day

Reasons men should do yoga every day

Yoga is often construed as a popular fitness solution for women; many people take yoga to be a type of training that benefits your flexibility as opposed to strength. This can put men off the exercise, but it shouldn’t be the case! Many men tend to focus on weight lifting to achieve the aesthetic they want, but did you know that yoga can actually help your training and have extra health benefits too?

So, whether you’re just starting out in the gym or you’re a fully fledged bodybuilder, there are some great reasons why you should be incorporating yoga into your routine.

Yoga works your whole body

Many men will work on muscle groups, such as biceps, shoulders or quads. While this might work for you if you need to improve one particular area of your physique, full body workouts tend to be much more effective.

Taking yoga classes will help to build muscle evenly, helping overall conditioning. Making it a valuable part of your fitness routine, yoga will improve muscle tone and definition more than you might realise!

Increase your flexibility

It’s true that yoga can help to improve your flexibility, but even if that’s not a priority, you may be surprised how it can help in other areas of your regime. If you have better flexibility, you will naturally incur less injuries in other areas of sport and exercise.

Taking a yoga class will enhance your range of motion. For instance, if you have tight joints, you won’t be reaching your full potential when lifting weights. Increasing your range of motion can open up your problem areas such as shoulders and hips.

Improve your stamina and breathing

Recent studies have discovered that practising the likes of yoga or pilates can actually improve cardiovascular functions and respiratory abilities. Yoga forces you to concentrate on your breathing, especially when you’re in unfamiliar and tough positions!

By doing this, you’ll actually be training your body to breathe even more efficiently, which can help in all other areas of your exercise routine such as cardio and strength training.

So, next time you think about doing something different to shake up your results, consider signing up to a yoga class and reap the benefits!

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