Signs your meditation and yoga practices are working

Signs your meditation and yoga practices are working

Meditation and yoga practices will help you in subtle ways that you may not immediately recognise. While yoga classes can leave you feeling sore, it is sometimes unclear how yoga and meditation are helping. Overall, however, your spiritual journey will be benefiting you more than you might realise. In this blog, we consider the ways in which meditation and yoga practices may be helping you to develop spiritually:

1. Developing compassion Meditation and yoga teach you to start to love yourself and your own body and with this will come greater compassion for others. While you may previously have been critical towards others, your meditation and yoga practice will help you to develop greater understanding, empathy and compassion for those around you.

2. Happiness in everything Meditation and yoga can teach you to be happier with yourself and find joy in the small things in life. You'll find that you are less reliant on a nice meal or fancy cocktail to find happiness, because you will be happier with yourself.

3. Breathing through emotions Another sign that your meditation and yoga classes are working is in the ability to breathe through emotions. When you get stressed at situations, you will find yourself taking deep breaths to allow the emotion to pass and relax yourself. Instead of getting stressed, this can allow you to ignore frustrations and get on with your day in a good mood.

4. Noticing the beauty around you Mediation and yoga both help you to pay more attention to the beauty around you, instead of looking for excitement elsewhere. Recognising the paradise around you allows you to get more enjoyment every day from the flowers in the fields and the birds in the sky.

5, Greater suppleness With meditation and yoga, you will find yourself becoming more supple and flexible. This will express itself in greater comfort moving around and even when sitting at an office desk. With greater control of your body through yoga and meditation, you will be more comfortable in life.

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