We asked Hayley to share what makes Lomilomi such a special experience:

"Although this massage experience is completely unscripted and every Lomilomi massage that I give is different to each individual, there are certain traditional rituals which I perform at the start. One of these is a foot cleanse using Himalayan salts infused with a lime essence. Another is to ask you to take an inhalation of the lime essence which is uplifting and keeps us in the present moment, the past has gone and the future we are not there yet. Finally, is the delivery of the aloha chant by myself as I walk around the treatment couch as you lay there starting to relax. Again I use the mix of the Himalayan salts and lime essence to cleanse into the air (pictured here). This aloha chant is a traditional spiritual greeting from this beautiful ancient massage which invites us both in to share this unique Lomilomi experience. The chant translates as: “I see the great spirit in you and I see the great spirit in me” ❤️  An ancient Hawaiian healing art, Lomilomi is a sacred gift passing from generation to generation with one simple message: “healing through loving touch”. Lomilomi is a powerful, cleansing interactive massage where the practitioner uses fluid, dance-like motions to relax fatigued muscles, restore body alignment, rejuvenate the mind and empower your soul 🌸"

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