Why you should never cut out of your class early

Why you should never cut out of your class early

With busy lives and other obligations it can sometimes be difficult to allow all of the necessary time for yoga classes, but cutting out before the end has a bigger impact than you may realise. You should always stay for the full duration of your yoga class and this is why:

Yoga is about more than postures

Yoga gives you an opportunity to relax and unwind - something which should be highly valuable in our busy lives. By taking the time to relax and forget about the outside pressures of work and family you can instead find peace and benefit from releasing the stress. If you are focused on having to cut out early then you will be pressured throughout the class and won't be able to gain the full benefit.

The final relaxation pose is important

The final pose in yoga, where you lie back and relax to allow your body to unwind is very important. Even the most accomplished yogi can find it hard to complete this pose, but it is important because it forces you to do nothing. Taking the time to finish the final pose can help you to learn to let go and relax with your body.

Cutting out disturbs others

Cutting out of yoga classes early is not only bad for your relaxation, but for the relaxation of the whole class too. While you can be subtle and discrete, the act of getting up, rolling up your mat and leaving will disturb others and make it harder for them to get the best out of their yoga class.

Relate the mat to life

The final relaxation pose can be difficult to hold, but you should use this time to relate the mat to your real life. Far too often, we are driven to jump from one thing to the next, forgetting to relax and enjoy the moments that we have. Staying through to the end of your yoga class and learning to value the time you have on the mat can help you to achieve a greater appreciation for your life and what you achieve in it.

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