Yoga Teacher Training - the CALM Approach

Yoga Teacher Training - the CALM Approach

Yoga Teacher Training - the CALM Approach

CALM | March 2021

There are many reasons why people embark on a Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) course and you may be surprised to learn that not everybody who signs up has the intention of teaching afterwards.

For some, the appeal of YTT is to gain a greater understanding of the principles of yoga and to learn more in-depth pose alignments, helping them grow and develop their own personal practice.

Others aspire to teach, wanting to share and spread their passion of yoga, and learn how to develop a yoga-based career.

Whether you decide to teach or not, our CALM YTT courses promise to take you on a delightful voyage of self-discovery and will help you delve deeper into the wonderful world of yoga.

CALM Studios

Situated in the heart of the Midlands, our two beautiful CALM studios offer a range of yoga, Pilates and mindfulness classes, with dedicated treatment rooms for massage and holistic therapies - providing a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Our YTT programmes operate, in-person, from our Derby studio, a modern and spacious studio in the middle of the vibrant city centre. CALM Derby is close to some excellent eateries, offering a variety of take away food and drink options – perfect for enjoying lunchtime breaks with your fellow Teacher Training friends!

CALM’s original, characterful studio, with its gorgeous, exposed beams, is based in nearby Burton and is well worth a visit too. Both our studios offer a range of classes which you can take full advantage of, at no additional cost, throughout the duration of your teacher training - helping you build and develop your yoga experience in a range of styles, with our highly trained teachers.

Yoga Alliance Certified

We launched our reputable 200-hour, Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course back in 2018 and it has proved to be both hugely popular and successful ever since - having been highly commended by all our graduates.

This course will qualify you to teach anywhere in the world and will equip you with all the skills you’ll need to become a competent and safe teacher. The course covers a broad range of topics including the philosophy, history and origins of yoga, Pranayama, in-depth pose analysis and safe practise, Anatomy and Physiology, and the Business of Yoga – where you’ll learn vital information about how to set up a yoga business and where to start.

Trust Us

Our unique and CALM approach to our teacher training reflects our CALM ethos – where our friendly support and encouragement will help you grow both in confidence and ability. With a combined teaching experience of over 25 years, our lead teachers and founders, Vanessa and Blair Davies, will develop your teaching skills right from day one – helping you find your voice and enabling you to trust in your teaching capabilities.

The teacher training at Calm Studios was more than just training to be a yoga teacher, it was inspiring, detailed and I felt part of an amazing supportive community at the studio.

Modern yoga is ever evolving, and as teachers we are constantly learning and evolving too. At CALM, we pride ourselves on teaching you safe practise, based on the latest information and developments in yoga. Our aim is to create up-to-date, intelligent teachers while still maintaining a firm connection to the roots of yoga.

As part of the course, you will study Anatomy, taught by CALM Physiotherapist and qualified yoga teacher, Aaron Fraser-Morris. Friendly and easy-going, Aaron is brilliant at teaching a complex and often daunting subject in a fun and understandable way. As a yoga teacher himself, Aaron is able to share a multitude of yoga modifications and techniques with you - ensuring that all our CALM graduates are equipped to teach their students in a safe and confident manner.

Fitting It In

We understand that finding the time to take on a new commitment can prove difficult, and we’re here to support you throughout your journey. We’ve tried to make our YTT course as accessible as possible, with our training taking place on weekends, from 9am – 6pm. You also have the option to complete the course over a six month period or for those of you wanting to space it out a bit more, you can opt to complete the course over ten months instead.

Current Climate – Keep CALM and Yoga On

We are currently running our yoga teacher training courses in-person at our Derby yoga training academy. During covid restrictions, we had to temporarily move some of our training sessions online. However, we adapted quickly and calmly and made sure that all of our students were supported throughout. At CALM we put you first. Our studios are all covid safe, and we have social distancing measures in place throughout.

We also have an online platform, CALM At Home, with over 100 pre-recorded yoga, Pilates and mindfulness sessions delivered by our qualified CALM teachers. During anytime where our studio classes are unable to operate, you will still be able to practise with us – giving you access to hundreds of classes with us throughout your YTT journey, come what may!

CALM Courses

Building on from the success of our 200-hour YTT course, we now offer a variety of other training courses too.

If you’re unsure whether the YTT course is right for you, you might like to consider our CALM Foundations in Yoga course, as a starting point. This course is designed to give you a taster of the various aspects of yoga, and touches on some of the topics that we cover in the 200-hour course.

Or if you’re interested in developing your knowledge of mindfulness, you may be interested in our Foundations In Mindfulness course – where you’ll learn about the history and practice of mindfulness and how to teach it.

If you’ve already qualified as a yoga teacher, or you’re currently completing your training, we also offer a Restorative Yoga Teacher Training course – where you’ll learn more about the beautiful practice of restorative yoga and its benefits.

We’re also really excited to be bringing you Ariel Yoga Teaching Training and Rocket Yoga Teacher Training soon too!

For further information about our CALM courses, requirements, and dates, please head over to our Teacher Training section of the website or get in touch to find out more. We look forward to welcoming you into our wonderful CALM community.

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