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CALM - Foundation in Yoga

CALM - Foundation in Yoga

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Immerse yourself in our Foundations in Yoga in person course and delve deeper into the world of yoga.

You have probably been practicing yoga for some time and started to wonder about aspects of yoga beyond your time on the mat.  If you are considering becoming a yoga teacher, or are simply want to develop your yoga knowledge further, then our Foundations in Yoga in person course is a great place to start. 

Course content:

The course is designed to give you a taster of all aspects of yoga, touching on the broad range of topics covered in depth during our 200 hour training course including:
  • An introduction to the history and philosophy of yoga
  • Pose analysis and key alignment principles
  • The use of pranayama
  • An introduction to the anatomy of yoga
  • An introduction to teaching
This course will include a combination of lessons, quizzes and assignments with feedback from our lead teacher.  

Can anyone do the course?

Every Body is welcome on our foundation courses whether you have been practicing yoga for years and are ready to take the next step or are still relatively new to the practice but want to learn more. All we ask for is an enthusiasm to learn and a desire to deepen your yoga knowledge.
Love the course and longing for more?

On completion of the course you will be entitled to a discount of £100 off any future Calm 200 hour teacher training course.
Foundations in Mindfulness - mindfulness meditation

Foundations in Mindfulness

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Mindfulness has become a real buzz word in recent years.  This however is not something new.  The practice of mindfulness comes from ancient roots. 
On this course we will explore the lineage of this practice, learn the practices of mindfulness and implement them into our daily lives and begin to explore the methodology for teaching mindfulness to share this practice with others.  

Open to yoga teachers, trainees or anyone interested in developing a mindfulness practice or teaching subject.

Topics explored:
  • What is mindfulness? - history of
  • Tuning in to your senses
  • The mind/consciousness
  • Breath awareness
  • Preparation for meditation
  • Establishing a daily practice
  • Obstacles
  • Feeling tone - establishing a connection to your body
  • Sensitivity to trauma
  • Teaching of mindfulness
Course dates: 4/5 September and 2nd & 3rd October 2021
Course cost: £450

Upon full attendance of all 4 training days and teaching a ten minute mindfulness session, successful graduates will receive:

  • CALM Certificate of participation

  • This course is eligible for CEUs with Yoga Alliance (US) There are 22 contact hours, 10 non contact hours.  This is a 32 hour CPD course.