Aerial Yoga - Derby - Timetable

Join us in one of our wide variety of Aerial classes at our Derby studio. We have a dedicated aerial room so there is plenty of choice. Classes cost £10 per session with discounts available for the purchase of 6 and 12 class passes which can also be used on any of our in studio classes. Aerial yoga is also included in our 30 day unlimited passes, 3 and 6 month contracts.

Aerial Yoga:

A class suitable for all that uses yoga hammocks as an additional prop to help you to flow through yoga postures with a sense of support and weightlessness.

This class is a mixture of finding playfulness with some fun challenges, strength building and great to stretch it all out!

Find your inner child and notice the time fly by as you lift off into the world of aerial yoga.

Aerial Restorative:

Ever dreamt of lying in a hammock on a beach with the sun shining and the waves lapping against the shore? Well close your eyes and we’ll take you there.

This class is all about relaxation. With longer holds in each pose using the yoga hammock at a low level, bolster cushions and blankets allows with other props you will feel truly held and supported.

Suitable for all except during pregnancy

Aerial Stretch & Release:

Whether you run, swim, cycle or spend time in a desk job, you are likely to build up tightness and tension in your muscles.

In this class we work with the yoga hammock at a lower level and focus on stretching out tight hips, hamstrings, backs and shoulders.

Suitable for all, you will feel like you’ve given yourself a sports massage with a deep release into all those tight spots!

Aerial Pilates:

Inspired by Pilates and Yoga, Aerial Pilates is a perfect class for strengthen your body without straining your muscles. It is great for increasing flexibility and mobility within your body. Aerial Pilates is an Open Level Class which means that even if you never tried Aerial before you are welcome to join this class and will be always encouraged to work within your own pace.


Please ensure you wear a top that covers your armpits for all aerial classes this helps us to keep the hammocks clean and hygienic. All hammocks are deep cleaned every night.

Are the classes suitable for beginners?
Don't worry if you don't have any yoga or aerial experience. All our classes are designed to be mixed level and therefore are suitable for beginners. The teacher is there to support you and will offer guidance and alternatives to each of the poses for different levels.  

What is the age limit for attending classes?
Our classes are for over 16s only. At the moment we do not offer any children's aerial classes.

What should I wear for an aerial yoga class?
Where something comfortable and easy to move in. Please ensure you wear a top that covers your armpits for all aerial classes this helps us to keep the hammocks clean and hygienic.

Do you take private bookings?
Yes we take private group bookings for up to 9 people. For more information visit our Aerial Parties page.