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Katie Stocks

Sports and remedial massage uses a combination of techniques, including deep/soft tissue release, muscle energy techniques, assisted stretching, trigger point therapy and myofascial release. Every treatment is tailor made to the clients’ needs ensuring a high level of tissue recovery.
Cupping therapy also stemming from Traditional Chinese medicine, is an alternative technique that uses suction from the cups to stimulate blood flow to the area.
Benefits include:
  • Breaking down scar tissue and fascial tension
  • Increasing circulation
  • Promotes muscle tissue repair
Massage provides many benefits including:
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduced muscular pain
  • Reduced tension
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Eliminating by-products of exercise
  • Sense of well-being
All techniques can be used simultaneously to help utilise the treatment time allowing more opportunity for treatment on other areas of the body.
Location available: Derby
Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy 
Recommended for initial appointment to allow time for a consultation and the development of a tailored treatment plan.
75 minutes £42.00

Sports & Remedial Massage Express Therapy  
Designed for a single, specific area of concern or for when time does not allow for a longer treatment. Includes a 15 minute consultation.
45 minutes £28.00