New To Yoga?

A little unsure what to expect?

Starting something new can be quite a scary business, and with yoga there comes many ideas of what kind of person we ‘should’ be to take part. Before you put yourself into any kind of category, we‘re here to tell you that all you need to be is human. That’s it. In fact, you may have seen one of our most loved staff members Albus the dog, well, he does it too! There’s no need to be flexible, strong and fit, or even a certain age, shape, and size. Yoga is for everyBODY, even yours.

The wonderful thing about yoga is nobody is even looking at you. The fear that “everyone will look at me and see me doing it wrong” is just something your worrisome mind wants you to believe. You’ll find everyone is focussed on their own practice and on clearing their own minds. Which you will soon do too. We make sure at Calm Yoga that you feel safe to be yourself in a non-judgmental, free environment and you’re encouraged to be the very best you can be with whatever you bring to the mat.

Beginners classes are a perfect way to access the foundations of yoga and go at your own pace with no experience necessary. Alternatively, if you have the thirst to learn more, come along to a beginner workshop to gain a more thorough understanding of what yoga is all about.

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