Pilates is a fun class for all levels that will compliment your yoga practice.

In classes you will use your whole body, engaging different muscles, with the aim of strengthening and toning.

The teacher will take you through a number of low impact exercises that place an emphasis on alignment, breathing, building a strong core, and improving coordination. This helps to increase your body awareness, which subsequently affects your posture, balance and sports performance.

If your core tends to give in, or you often topple over in your yoga practice, this could be excellent in helping you gain control.

We offer a range of Pilates classes suitable for everyone including:

  • Pilates for Beginners to provide you with the basics of a Pilates practice and ensure you progress with good form and correct alignment.
  • All Level Pilates for those of you who have attended our beginners classes or practiced Pilates before and want to build on what you have learnt.
  • Hot Pilates - completed in a room heated to 31-35 degrees using infra red heaters to provide a sweet sweat the mimics the feeling of exercising on holiday in a hot climate.

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