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Reiki - Louise Espley

Lou completed her teacher training with us at Calm. Her favourite style of yoga is Yin as she loves the strength that comes from a deep connection with the body. When she isn't teaching or practicing yoga, you will find Lou practicing reiki, travelling, and playing with her Jack Russell.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of natural healing rediscovered in the late 19th Century by Dr Mikao Usui. The word Reiki means universal energy. Simply put, this form of healing uses the energy that is all around and inherent in us to promote wellbeing and balance the body and mind. This non-invasive, very effective practice treats the whole person to provide serenity, clarity and harmony, with a deep sense of relaxation and calm. Reiki does not require commitment to any specific belief system. Treatment is delivered unconditionally and for the benefit and greatest good of the individual. The effects of Reiki grow the more an individual is exposed to it. Treatment involves the laying of hands on various parts of the body and over any areas where specific symptoms are present. Energy is channelled through the hands of the practitioner into the clients body. The recipient often feels a deep sense of warmth and relaxation while the treatment is in progress. Lou is a Reiki practitioner, meaning she has been attuned to be able to channel Reiki energy. We all have the ability to become healers if we are open to becoming a channel for this wonderful gift.