Restorative Yoga

When less is so so much more!

If you lead a stressful life, if you suffer from anxiety or simply struggle to access true peace and quiet in
the environment you live in, then incorporating a session of Restorative Yoga into your week could be incredibly powerful.

A Restorative class normally involves just five or six poses, with the aid of props such as cushioned bolsters, soft blankets, and supportive blocks, to help you completely relax and let go, relieving any tension in both the body and mind. These poses include light twists, seated forward folds and gentle backbends, which are held for 5 minutes or more, having a healing and uplifting affect. During this grounding experience you will breathe deeper, hold poses for longer, and build a stronger sense of connection within yourself.  

This class is great for improving circulation, enabling a greater range of motion, relieving aches and pains and reducing inflammation, so it is ideal for those with arthritis or injuries.

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