Therapies - Laura Cunliffe

"I am a qualified aromatherapist, an intuitive massage/ bodywork therapist, yogini and yoga teacher, Tao-tantra teacher & a budding coach. I recently made a (re)commitment to myself to do only the things in my life that I most LOVE, as I believe that is what life is really all about & where we really live our gifts & purpose.
I have had a pretty unconventional life so far ~ a little of a seeker, explorer and a mystic, I always had a connection to nature, alternative healing & an interest in the deeper layers and meanings of ~ what we’re doing here on this mysterious earth bubble. My path in the inner healing arts started at 17 with meditation and journeyed into movement and dance, sacred sound, Kundalini yoga, Classical yoga, art therapies, reiki, bodywork & massage, aromatherapy, taoist inner-alchemy practices, tantra and working with somatic embodiment and the subconscious in coaching.  
I struggled myself with periods of depression, anxiety, grief & trauma etc, but my biggest motivation was to live fully Alive, and many of the things I practice support this.
I have travelled the world studying & trying out different practices, and I lived in Spain teaching yoga; training yoga teachers & practising healing bodywork at a yoga school & Detox yoga retreat.
I loved teaching 1-1 yoga, creating permission for all emotions, freeing our life-force, and guiding people into deep healing spaces and this naturally led to bodywork. Through all my practices and aromatherapy work I like to reconnect us to nature and bring us into blissful harmony with the natural rhythms within and without. I mix all my own blends and products with high quality ingredients.
I love this quote by Rumi, & often feel this is exactly what all the healing arts are about:
“ Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. — Rumi

In my life I love to study inspiring things, wake up late, meditate, dance, laugh and have fun, & to be in nature taking photos of every beautiful thing and I really love animals!!. I’m recently settled into the hills of Derbyshire."