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Yoga Teacher Training - Graduate Reviews

"I completed the CALM 200 hour yoga teacher training course in 2019. It had been a dream of mine to take the course to deepen my understanding of the practice I love. Initially I was not sure I wanted to become a teacher but by the end of the course I was inspired and so motivated to share my learning and deeper knowledge. The course itself was better than I could have imagined. The content was informative, detailed and thought provoking and structured in a way that supported all styles of learning by providing a blend of practical and theoretical study. The course materials were superb and a comprehensive reading list was provided for additional study and self development. A supportive environment was created by the course leaders enabled students to excel. I would highly recommend anyone considering a 200 hour YTT to train with CALM.

Louise Espley

The teacher training at Calm Studios was more than just training to be a yoga teacher, it was inspiring, detailed and I felt part of an amazing supportive community at the studio. The course looked at every aspect I needed to become a yoga teacher, I personally loved learning more about the philosophy of yoga! The training started me on a new journey for my own yoga practice and the confidence I needed to go and teach as soon as I had qualified and I have been teaching ever since! Such an amazing experience, I will always look back and smile about my time training at Calm.

Claire Marie

I really enjoyed my teacher training, at the start I was so nervous and adamant I would never teach at the end, that I was only there to grow my yoga knowledge. However, by the end of the course Vanessa gives you all the tools needed to be confident in teaching a class and a really good understanding of anatomy. The details pose analysis and teaching practice from the start gives you a really solid foundation. I also really enjoyed the introduction philosophical side of the yoga. I found myself coming away wanting to find out more about things such as the yoga sutras and Bhagavad Gita.

Lindsay Norman

Choosing to complete my YTT at Calm was a brilliant decision. The course is 100% focused on helping students to become knowledgeable and importantly safe yoga teachers. We took time to delve into different asanas to really understand why and how to practice them and the benefits. There’s a real sense of community and so much support, thank you to everyone at Calm for the great experience!

Charlotte Kirk

I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Yoga teacher training course at Calm. From day one I was made to feel really welcome and any concerns I had about whether I would need to be super flexible and an expert at yoga were soon allayed. The pace of the course was excellent and the attention to detail throughout meant that I completed the course feeling very confident in my own ability to become a successful Yoga teacher in the future.

Phil Jerromes

I'm so glad I found Calm for my teacher training and couldn't recommend them enough to others.

The teachers and general Calm staff were always so welcoming and approachable. It was the perfect environment for learning, with friendly, interactive discussions, lots of practical movement and plenty of support along the way.

The actual course itself was fantastic, preparing us to teach students with a modern day approach to anatomy and lifestyle, as well as learning about the history and philosophy of Yoga.

Thank you Calm for providing me with the best start to my yoga teaching journey 💙

Natalie Clough

Having just completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at CALM, I can honestly say it has been one of the best experiences ever. The teaching practice begins right from day one – meaning that by the end of the course you’re fully equipped to take your teaching skills out into the world. The CALM Teachers are all really supportive and helpful throughout, and you’re instantly made to feel part of the CALM community – which I loved. The course content was excellent, with a good mix of theory and practical and I loved learning about the philosophy of yoga. I highly recommend this course to anyone thinking about becoming a yoga teacher or to anyone wanting to take their own practice to a deeper level. It really is first class.

Kerrie Oxford

As a keen yogi practicing over the years, I finally made the decision to undertake my YTT at Calm - not necessary to teach but to broaden my own understanding.

Why Calm: I’d looked into YTT previously in London and abroad but found the courses expensive and restrictive.

Calm offered flexibility across dates with options to attend weekly, weekends and monthly which suited perfectly as it’s difficult to take that amount of time off from work.

I was equally drawn to the course content, teaching both the philosophical roots of yoga in addition to the anatomical and modern perspective.

All of the above coupled with the beautiful studio space and plants that I could only dream of being able to keep alive and super lovely owners, it was a great fit.

COVID: I’d booked a year in advance so had no foresight of COVID dominating 2020.

Calm adapted overnight switching to an online platform, zoom sessions and social distancing in the studio.

The team were on hand day and night answering questions around government guidelines, supporting students isolating and modifying the course to suit the ever changing situation.

I felt safe, well looked after and considered throughout my training.

I was almost sad when I’d qualified that it was over as this was such a grounding experience in an unsettling time and there was a real sense of camaraderie within our group.

By the end of my journey with Calm I felt educated and empowered to go on and teach.

Gemma Penny

My YTT at Calm was a fantastic experience, I can honestly say it was a great decision to train at Calm and I am thankful that I had the opportunity. Spending my weekends at Calm was a pleasure and something I looked forward to. I have learnt so much throughout the course; about my own body and how it moves, whilst being enriched with a much deeper understanding of what yoga is to me and what it might mean to other people. There are a host of positive reflections I have of the YTT200 at Calm, to name just a few; the teaching throughout the course was professional and supported by a thorough workbook that I will use as a reference point for years to come, the teaching environment is within a modern Yoga studio, there was an emphasis on being curious and exploring our own bodies whilst being encouraged to develop my own individual style, however what impressed me most was the passion and enthusiasm all the teachers had for Yoga. I look back fondly on my YTT200 at Calm Yoga Studio and would encourage anyone looking to become a Yoga teacher to consider training with Calm.

Kat Rooney

I’m so pleased that I decided to complete my yoga teacher training with Calm. It’s been a fantastic experience training at the studio and online. The atmosphere was so welcoming and I felt at ease straight away. There was always support on hand from Vanessa and the team. The course materials, handbook and reading list were superb. The classes were interactive and we were encouraged to explore and ask questions. I particularly enjoyed learning about how the body moves combined with the anatomy training. I found this so useful and I’m grateful to have gained this information before beginning my teaching career. I have gained so much more knowledge, understanding and confidence during my training. It’s been a wonderful experience and I’ve had the privilege of making new friendships along the way. I’d highly recommend Calm for anyone wishing to further their yoga journey and become a teacher.

Natasha Rodgers

Thank you to Vanessa and the Calm team for a positive and fulfilling experience on the 200 hour yoga teacher training course. The course content was highly informative and thought provoking, providing a solid foundation to build on through further self study.It is incredible how you transform during the process from being nervous and terrified of teaching yoga at the start to being able to teach a yoga class by the end of the course! You can’t quite believe it! This is thanks to Vanessa’s fantastic support, guidance, excellent teaching with great attention to detail, emphasis on safe practice and of course, lots of encouragement.I highly recommend the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it. My knowledge and understanding has grown and I feel so lucky to have had this wonderful experience. Thank you lovely Calm x

Mel Taylor